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How We Got Here

For most companies, employees come to a central location, log into their computers and do their work. Applications and files are usually shared from local servers, and every so often maintenance will need to be done on each of the workstations to load something new or update something old.

Businesses with lots of employees and limited IT staff started converting to remote desktop servers where the applications and desktop profiles lived on a single server and everyone was updated in a single pass. When it became necessary for large portions of the staff to be able to work remotely, it was easy to connect their home computers with these desktop servers. 

This solution proved so effective, we were tasked to bring their unified voice platform to the remote users as well.

Now remote users could securely access shared data and receive and place phone calls to clients from their homes. The cost savings to the employer were immense.

Today, our technologies allow both remote and local workers to belong to their workforce with the same rich experience. Businesses have reduced their real estate footprints- while retaining talented employees.  

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Our Innovative Technology

The Possibilities Are Endless

What makes us different? We are the only remote solution that supports multiple desktops from home, without the need for separate office workstations to connect to. We create a simple one-click connection to a remote desktop platform that includes your network resources, programs, and phone extensions. Everything works everywhere... and management can monitor their remote workforce performance in real time and by scheduled reports. Finally a system that is designed for remote work- not just a ton of individual computers that all need to be on and constantly updated. For a free demo, contact us today.

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Stop paying for office space you don't need. Hire talent that can work on their own and give them the tools to succeed.

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