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Offsite Desktop™

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Offsite Desktop™

Windows 10 Pro Desktop Server

For most companies, a remote user needs their own desktop PC at work to connect to. This means maintaining additional hardware and dedicating workspace to empty desktops. With our Offsite Desktop™ server, all of your remote workers have their own dual monitor Windows 10 Professional desktop experience out of a single piece of hardware.

Instances can be joined to network servers and files, so remote users have full access to the same resources they would with a local workstation.

Better Security

Bring Your Own Device

Business are increasingly allowing employees to work remotely with their own hardware. VPN solutions open the company network to possible infections from from the remote computer. Remote desktop solutions never send company data to the remote computer. All data stays securely on the host server- only sharing the desktop, keyboard, and mouse with the remote user. 

All remote computer connections are SSL secured for safety. Your desktop can even be accessed using an device browser on a tablet or smartphone for essential tasks. 

Print and More

Just Like Being There

Using the remote connection is just like the office experience. Home printers appear along side office printers for remote users. Choose to send a report to a network printer at the office for a co-worker, or print to for yourself at home. 

Two-way audio lets companies with VoIP phone systems configure soft phone clients on remote desktops. Now your data and your phone extension follow you home. Just pair with a PC headset and make calls from home on your office phone lines!

Easier Managment

Update One Computer

Maybe the best part of the Offsite Desktop™ solution is that businesses only need to update line of service software once. Updating business applications and shortcuts only need to be done on the administrator desktop and they instantly become available to all of the remote user profiles. 

Never loose data from a crashed user workstation again- all desktops live on the host server. if a client computer ever crashes, just install the user's remote connection to a new workstation and they can log back in exactly where they left off.

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