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Offsite Voice™

Seamless Communications

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Offsite Voice™

Truly Unified Communications

On Premise or Fully Hosted... Offsite Voice™ service allows remote and in-office users to communicate as if they were under one roof.  

Remote users can be standard extensions, members of department ring groups, or even dynamically log into and out of department queues as needed. 

Fully Supervised

Automatic Reporting

Business owners and department managers can have real-time supervision over their on-site and remote employees call performance. 

Email notifications when callers have waited too long for an answer or abandoned their call lets supervisors know when there's an issue to be addressed BEFORE business is impacted. 

No Hardware Investment Required

Save Money

With the Offsite Voice™ system, employees have their choice between traditional desktop phones either in the office or at home, or a feature rich soft phone client running on their desktop computer.

Just add a wired or wireless headset and users can make extension and external calls right from the desktop. 

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